Please, Mr. Panda

Our kids’ teachers are the very best.  Our youngest was just given a copy of Please, Mr. Panda as a holiday gift (see, I told you they were great).  Somehow, this book was completely new to me, even though it features both a PANDA and DOUGHNUTS, and I’m a really, really big fan of both genres.  It also features the best subtle story on manners I’ve seen yet.  It’s comic rather than didactic, and has hilarious drawings by author/illustrator (always an impressive combo) Steve Antony.  Who knew pandas had such expressive faces?

Oh, and when you visit Chicago, you’ll want the pistachio from Stan’s Donuts, the lemon poppy seed from Doughnut Vault, and the vanilla bean from Glazed and Infused.  Trust me on this.  I’ve done all of the research for you.  And because it’s Friday and you deserve it…panda cam.


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