A Time to Keep

Hey, you.  Yeah, you.  On the treadmill.  Sweating with exertion from your aggressive new cardio goals.  Shaking with deprivation from your new carb-free/caffeine-free/sugar-free existence.  Slow down.  Take a break.  Grab a mocha (it won’t kill you).  I have some new book recos for you.

So we spent the holidays in my childhood home, and as my parents haven’t moved since I upped and adulted, it’s a really fun trip down memory lane.  Sparkly Jessica McClintock prom dress still hanging in the closet.  Top Gun era Tom Cruise and Moonlighting era Bruce Willis still lining the walls.  And miles and miles of childhood books to peruse and share with a new generation.  Hence beings my series New Year, Old You.  A week’s worth of old favorites from when friendship bracelets and braided ribbon barrettes still ruled my world.

First up is A Time to Keep by Tasha Tudor.  If your holiday included a lot of screen time and not a lot of quality time, then congrats, you are part of an average American family!  If you’re looking for a sweet tale of simpler times, with family life unplugged, then this book is a great start.  It’s a year in holidays, with month by month merrymaking from the countryside.  Tiny littles will love the beautiful illustrations and stories behind each celebration.  Older kids may want to replicate activities such as charades or Valentine’s Day cards.  And while your treasures are busy building connections via innocent craft projects, you’ll have time to get back to dissecting last night’s Golden Globes looks.  What?  It’s 2017.  You can’t stay offline forever.


7 thoughts on “A Time to Keep

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