Shel Silverstein


When one of my six year old’s best friends was over for a play date recently (sidebar: can we all come up with a better phrase for this, please), she regaled my girls with stories of this magnificent collection of poems she had recently started reading.  So you can imagine how impressed both kids were when upon seeing my childhood bookshelf, they saw the very same books that had been mentioned by their beloved friend.  Street cred!  Brownie points!  Mom was cool!  It lasted thirty seconds.  But the books are back with us now, and and least they’re still considered cool.

Second up in my New Year, Old You series is Shel Silverstein.  Specifically, the poetry of.  The hippie environmentalist in me still has some major issues with the ending (spoiler!) of The Giving Tree.  But the poems and the adjoining pen line drawings in A Light in the Attic, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Falling Up and Every Thing On It are fantastic.  Whimsical, funny and smart, and a great treat to dip into at will.  Quick parenting tip: the poems are also a good solution for that “one more book” or “one more chapter” plea every night at bedtime (just my kids?  fine).  It’s such an easy giveaway to allow just one more poem.  Especially if they are this fun.  If you are a dreamer, come in.


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