The Runaway Bunny

As you’ve likely surmised by now via my New Year, Old You series, I have a soft spot in my heart for the classics.  And yet.  There are some enduring titles that always seemed a little off to me.  Top of the list in that “Really?  Still so popular?” file is The Runaway Bunny (unpublished subtitle: The Official Helicopter Parent’s Guide to Stalking Your Children).

I know that it’s endured for generations now, but please.  Is no one else creeped out by this mama bunny’s overzealous commitment to never letting her child out of her sight?  You go down the lane?  I go down the lane.  You go to a sleepover?  I go to a sleepover.  You go to college?  I’m your motherf*cking roommate.  You go on your honeymoon?  Better believe I’m there, baby bunny.  YOU. WON’T. EVER. ESCAPE. ME.  #sometimesimsnarky


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